A Good Online Course Must Be Available On Mobile Devices

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A good online course must be available on mobile devices, including phones, tablets, etc.

The current press of technology and communication is into mobile devices.    Large numbers of people who are likely to be learners now have them.   It is natural that they should wish to access their learning materials online.  It is likely very convenient for them.   And it likely expands to a substantial degree the time they can devote to course preparation and course work.   The mobility of devices that can receive online courses means that time that would otherwise be frittered away between engagements of various sorts can be devoted to learning.   For today’s busy adult students this is a major advantage.

Further, in many situations, potential learners have access to mobile devices but not to computers.  Hence, making courses available on mobile devices increases the population to which education is offered.  This is especially true with respect to lower income persons.   Almost everyone is able today to possess and use a mobile device.   This is far less true of computers.   Making online learning mobile is a way of making it more democratic.

Mobile devices are steadily improving in capability.   Some limitations which occur today in the reception of online instruction via mobile devices will likely be eliminated in the future.

Mobile devices also make more feasible that holy grail of training – the delivery of training where and when it is needed – on spot and on time, rather than in a classroom at time and distance from its application.   Mobile devices thus make possible a closer connection between training and education, a linkage which is particularly valuable to technical and community college level schools.

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